Thursday, March 18, 2010

Double Dose

You guys get a double dose of my insanity today. It was a busy day all the way around, with a whole lot of riding. I couldn't imagine a more perfect day than this. Too bad it's supposed to drop back down below freezing again and perhaps snow on us this weekend. I had to soak it up while it lasted.

UFO Attack! Actually, these were light fixtures at City Center Square, with some mirrors behind them.

Contrail Redux.

MAX. JR wasn't feeling too great today, so we took MAX down to Waldo instead of biking the whole way. By the way, the MAX buses now play advertisements over the PA system whilst displaying a scrolling text ad inside the bus. Mega annoying.

Theresa at Family Bicycles took the Urbana for a spin, and she likes it.

I hadn't been to Family Bicycles this year. They are almost entirely devoted to utility and commuting bikes. This battery-assist Torker Trike caught my eye. It uses a 3-speed Nexus in the back, and a motor hub in the front. The new Breezers are also really nice. I was in utility bike heaven this afternoon!

I also saw some of Axiom's new saddle-bag style panniers. They're sewn together as one piece that drapes over your cargo rack.

One of the customers showed up on this beauty. Longbikes are hand-built in Colorado and this particular specimen was one of the slickest LWB Bents I've seen, ever.

1 comment:

Nancy said...

I have the Basil panniers in red that are in one of your photos. I got them from Family Bicycles. Here's a photo. I love them! And the reason the flap is sticking up a bit is because I have my whole computer briefcase in there. They hold a LOT. I love em.

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