Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thoughts on snow road biking

I posted that photo yesterday of riding my bike in the snow. You know what? Aside from the initial part of getting moving, riding my 25mm road tires (in my case, Bontrager hard-case) really wasn't too bad at all, in fact, it didn't feel much different than the Baxter's OEM Vittoria Randonneur tires.

I know the folks on told me years ago that a road bike does just fine in light snow, but I never really put it to the test. Last night, nothing had really frozen yet and it was a genuinely pleasant ride. That's a good thing, I suppose, because my mountain bike needs a LOT of work to be road-worthy again.

1 comment:

DerrickP said...

I totally agree. I put some knobby tires on my cross-check instead on my 28mm slicks because I thought it would ride better. No difference at all in 4 inches of snow. I ride on an unplowed bike path for 6 miles and it really felt like the slicks did better. They "cut" through the snow instead of pushing it out of the way. I'm with you!

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