Thursday, February 04, 2010

Drive-through Woes?

Every once in a while, I get some kind of attitude for trying to get through a drive-through on my bicycle. Some places have a policy against serving pedestrians (walk-up customers) and to this day I still can't figure out why that is.

It's been a while, but it's usually places that close their lobby yet keep their drive-through open late. Certain pharmacies, banks, and fast-food places included.

I ran across this gem on QDB, a database of humorous (and not always work-safe) Internet chat quotes and logs.

[+MooG] my friend and his mates made up a big cardboard car out of a fridge box once
[+MooG] and went through the drivethrough
[+MooG] they even had one being the "radio", beatboxing
[+Formalhaut] McDonalds don't serve us when we walk through but BK do. More business for them, even if it is drunkards
[+MooG] and they did mime actions for the window winding and everything
[+MooG] wish i'd filmed it

And all this time I just try making motorcycle sounds to break the ice.


BluesCat said...

I ride my bike --- my recumbent no less --- through the drive-thru at two different Chase banks, the nearest Walgreens, the nearest Burger King and a liquor store: The Official BluesCat Beer Truck

The only thing which has ever been said was when a new pharmacist at the Walgreens did a double take and said "Wow, you be careful out there!"

MechanicMatt said...

Hey couldn't do the comment thing on your strange day posting, but wanted to chime in that I saw your bike on Cycling Inquisition the other day here (scroll down near to the end):

Thought you may like to know, and also I wanted to say good luck again with the job search. Remember there is no shame taking unemployment if you need to get a little help with the gap in between.

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