Thursday, January 21, 2010

When you would want studded tires

Tell me this doesn't look like fun. And yes, they are using studs. Via Cyclelicious.


kG said...

Lucas is my hero -- re-watching all the old vids now... awesome! Couch, band, and the best alleycat/messenger rally vids EVER filmed.

debrae64 said...


RiverCityCyclist said...

Some guy tried that here in Wichita, and fell in. Luckily Hyatt employees seen him and save him :-)

Noah said...

That's just stupid. It doesn't stay cold enough for an extended period of time here in Kansas to freeze any body of water deep enough that I'd be comfortable wandering out on the ice. Back in Nebraska, maybe. Only after a few solid days of below-zero stuff, though. And still not without a spotter and a rope.

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