Tuesday, December 01, 2009

30-degree swing

... or close to it. Yesterday, it was 20-something in the morning, 50-something in the afternoon. Mother Nature keeps pushing that "One Last Beautiful Afternoon For Riding" and today looks to be more of the same, but it was warmer this morning.

Last night: a quick stop by Electronics Supply Co. after work. Riding in shorts at the end of November in KC is not normal.

Also, I recently re-shot the front panel of my Sun Ultra 5 because I somehow lost the high resolution version. I think I like this one as a wallpaper better than the last one (highest resolution available).

Click for big.


BluesCat said...

What's your opinion of the Oracle-buying-Sun story?

Noah said...

Mixed. I hope Oracle is a good steward. I'm a fan of the OpenSolaris directive, so I hope innovation doesn't get stifled on that front. At the same time, Oracle could use Sun's Solaris and their hardware as a platform for their database product to offer a turnkey/drop-in solution. Time will tell. Right now, I'm just watching it unfold.

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