Thursday, November 05, 2009

Tattoo. Kind of.

This is what happens when you have full panniers and take both hands off the bike at a stop. It falls over and rolls forward. When you lean into it to catch it, you get gouged.

It looks a lot less intense (and not nearly as cool) now that it's all cleaned off.

Random Tunage:
Junkie XL - Mushroom
Jerry Ropero - The Storm (Inpetto Remix)


John in Calgary said...

Ouch! Sorry to see you get banged up. A couple of the bicycles in my garage have a protective plastic shield that attaches to the largest chain ring. This prevents pant soiling and leg gouging. Can you add one of these to your chain ring set?

Noah said...

Hybridzilla had one, and I think The Goat has places to mount them. They're called "bash guards" and they're mostly sold for mountain bikes.

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