Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sausage [Links]

Stuff I've found interesting lately.

jwz and his buddy netik had a run-in with a car in SF. Dude. You don't mess with jwz.

CommuteByBike teases us with a new Fisher that I'm drooling over. Winter commuter, anyone?!

KC has the nation's scariest haunted house. I think I'm going haunted housing this weekend.

Pedal Powered OLPC. Sweet!

Jalopnik covers some of the bizarre snow vehicles found in Antarctica. I can't believe there's not a Pugsley in there. Oh, and did you see Chris' Big Dumb Pug?!

Fritz at shows us another commuter challenge, wherein a couple of cyclists (one wearing a helmet cam) beat a chartered helicopter across town. I can't help but wonder why none of these challenges ever put people on motorcycles. Oh, wait. They'd win. Oh well. It' good publicity for bicycles.

Dave is apparently back in the saddle after his circumstances became quite favorable for bike commuting. He picked a hell of a time to get back on board, but hey... Welcome back!

Drew Carey is donating up to $1M to the Lance Armstrong Foundation. $1 for every follower he gets via Twitter through the end of the year. This initially started as a $25,000 bid on Drew Olanoff's @Drew twitter handle and has quickly exploded. Cancer is everywhere, and I believe that LAF is a worthy cause on its own, not just because its founder is a world-renowned cyclist.

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