Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pedal-Powered Projects

Through the course of my casual web-browsing adventures (almost always powered by Google Reader these days), I often happen upon projects where people use pedal power to do strange things.

The Webcycle is a stationary bike that gives you more bandwidth as a reward for your exercise.

This pedal-powered apple-grinder is kind of clever.

Someone's using a tire-dragger dynamo to charge a mobile phone...

Bicycle-Powered carnival rides?!


Jason said...

I always forget to charge my cell...But I NEVER forget to ride... Hmmm

David Glandon said...

I would like to see a game system, like WII system, that you can hook up your bike and participate in races. Just think you could ride in the Tour De France or Leadville on the rainy or bad weather days.

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