Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Things I love about summer

We've had a bizarre week. High temperatures, high humidity and batches of severe weather that add just enough water to the ground to keep things muggy. Strangely, I love summer storms as long as no one gets hurt.

My muscles also like summer heat. While my body as a system might not work as fast or as efficiently as it does in cooler temperatures -- say 60s and 70s for example -- I find that my muscles don't get sore or stiff as easily this time of year. I meet temperatures near 100°F with mixed emotions.

I love a little bit of solitude. I had Turkey Creek Trail pretty much to myself. Only a few joggers were out, separated by at least a mile each.

Patches of shade are a bonus, too.

I would love to test out this new tent concept (it's a computer rendering, not a photo I took) from Orange. It's all solar powered with built-in LED lighting, 3G Internet (uses your cellular plan to get online, like an aircard) and shares Internet as a WiFi hotspot. Also has a built-in heated floor. I'm sure this damn thing must weigh 50 pounds or more and probably costs more than a good road bike. Those guys across the pond get all the cool gadgets.

Disturbing: If people can't even avoid the sign in the middle of the road, is there really much hope for the people who cross? Be CAREFUL at crossings like this.

Not so much something I love, but something strange... Someone needs to tell the groundskeepers at my apartment to mow our pond. Sheesh. Got West Nile?


Jon said...

I like summer storms and the light shows that come along with them.

I came through KC on the motorbike, last Saturday, and stopped in Topeka for the night. Lots of crazy lightning, far away, made for some good viewing as I rode.

Except for a 5 mile stretch on the Turnpike, I stayed dry (for the entire 2500 mile round trip).

Steven said...

The 67th Street crossing on the Turkey Creek Trail is always fun. I frequently point at the crosswalk, and infrequently spew obscenities.

GhostRider said...

Ha ha...that crosswalk sign looks somewhat familiar:

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