Monday, June 15, 2009

Mind if I draft?

I was scouting for a worthy fishing rig for camping and S24O adventures. Budget was about $25. The original plan was to catch the B bus to get me close to Bass Pro in Olathe. As it turns out, Chris had his van at work today due to a problem with the bus, so I just car-pooled back to Olathe with Chris.

Bass Pro advertises some great prices. Unfortunately, the real deals are actually just there to get you in the door. Most of the prices are 50% higher than other sporting goods and retail stores. I checked out some of their camping gear. I can drool, but most of the stuff I have will suffice for the upcoming S24O in July. The one thing I really wish I had out there last time was a fishing pole. With Bass Pro eliminated (I couldn't buy a compact fishing pole and reel for under $45!), I opted to head to Sports Authority near my apartment to piece together a worthy rig from the closeout aisle.

As I left Bass Pro and got onto Santa Fe Trail Drive, I saw a lean-mean Tri guy training on a time trial bike. He wasn't moving too fast, and may have just been working on cadence. He was keeping it high but wasn't breaking 25 MPH. As I merged, I asked:

"Mind if I draft you to College Blvd?" - The new plan was to meet my wife at the doctor's and grab supper since she was already out and about.

He gladly obliged to let me tag along for a couple of miles. I don't know if he kept his 25 MPH pace for me, or if that's just how he rolls. It was fast enough that my lard-ass body and weighted-down commuter bike could barely hold on, but it was a nice pull. I appreciate it!

Coming up Pflumm, I needed a break. The humidity, heat, and 25 MPH hammerfest had caught up to me. I parked under I-435 for a few minutes.

I found a great residential shortcut between Pflumm and Quivira at 105th Terrace where two cul-de-sacs dead-end against each other with a little bit of green space and a sidewalk. I will definitely keep that one in mind! These are the kinds of un-charted paths that cyclists and pedestrians should be on the lookout for.

Later, at Sports Authority, I found a nice collapsible rod (which I'd seen a few weeks ago) and a closeout Shakespeare SyMC reel. It only has a 70 yard capacity, but it's perfect for backpacking. All in all, I ended up with a formidable rig that rivals some $45 offerings at Bass Pro and it only set me back about $17 for everything. I gathered up some old weight boxes and loaded them with an assortment of weights, small bobbers, swivels, hooks and other stuff I had laying around. I'm guessing this set-up will work great, but I plan on field-testing it this weekend when my wife and I go fishing next, probably at Black Hoof Park.

If you can't tell, I'm kind of ready to go camping again. Some fishing this weekend will probably suffice for now.


Paul in Minneapolis said...

Last week I went on my first bike-packing trip to a near by state park (~40 mile ride each way). The weather called for sun, but when I got there the rain set in... I had the whole park to myself.... Bike-packing ROCKS! Nothing like riding past miles of open pastures on the way home... First chance I'm doing it again!

Paul in Minneapolis

amidnightrider said...

I am doing a group tour this July in PA. Lots of people are bringing fishing gear.

It's ironic that I grew up and still live on the ocean and have never fished.

Noah said...

Our group S24O is still 39 days away (yes, I'm counting the days) and it's getting hard to focus on much else! On the advice of some friends, I went and got some freeze-dried stuff to try. Given that I like "perfection" I am taking what I learned from my first S24O and I'll be experimenting with various cooking scenarios on the back patio using my backpacking gear. I'm trying to weed out stuff that's overly complex, inefficient or heavy so that my next trip feels perfect. Going through the scenarios in my head now...

Paul, you're not helping any! I'm JEALOUS! And John, that's kind of strange. Make sure you take tons of pics! How long is the tour?

Drew said...

I actually had to drive yesterday and thought I saw you under the overpass on Pflumm. I circled back to see if you needed help, but you were mounting back up. Now I know why. Nice fishing rig. Is it short enough to fit in a pannier? Or would you have to strap it down on top?

Noah said...

Yah, I was just taking a breather. That Triathlete guy took me for a fast (for me) ride! Also, I used my time under the overpass to poke around Google Maps on my phone to check out possible shortcuts. That's where I noticed the 105th Terrace cut-through and decided to go for it.

Steven said...

Noah, I tried some freeze-dried stuff and didn't care for it. You'll still have to try. Freeze-dried stuff is just too cool (in concept). I ended up preferring ramen noodle meals (the fancy ones for almost a $1) and instant oatmeal. Also, don't laugh, but Spam cooked on a stick over the fire and wrapped in a tortilla was really good.

Jealous of your group S24O. Looking forward to the update.


Jason said...

I'm REALLY excited about the S24O!!!!!!

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