Monday, June 29, 2009


I had two people fire bottle rockets at me today on the homeward commute, probably 5 miles apart. Strange. One of them actually hit my foot. The other was an epic miss.

In my ignorant youth, I probably targeted dozens of moving things (mostly cars but inevitably some joggers, cyclists, maybe even dogs) with any number of small fireworks, homebrew machine-launched incendiaries, and model rocket engines. I suppose this is payback. Bottle rockets don't really hurt anyway, so I chuckled.

I do, however, wish that someone would start paying me back for the hundreds if not thousands of water balloons I've lobbed in my day. Oh well. Karma will catch up to me one of these days, right?

Here are some from the weekend.

Climbing Trees. I miss doing this. I got about 30 feet up in my parents' maple tree, just enough to see over their house and into the back yard. Why? Mostly to see if I could still climb this tree -- a childhood favorite of mine.

c'Dude fixin' up my wheels. They were a bit out of true and I really didn't feel like messing with the Aksium's aero spokes. He has the tools to do it, and hanging with The Dude always makes for good conversation about all kinds of unlikely things.

Praise team practice. Usually, I'm on Bass Guitar. Somehow, I got convinced to try playing the Djembe in public. I don't suppose I did too poorly but I have a feeling that there is a lot more to learn about this drum than meets the eye.

From the homeward commute. I used to drive one of these wretched vans. I lasted about 3 months and couldn't take it anymore. It was the worst job I ever had, and I still have no idea what I was thinking.

Merriam is all done up with flags for Independence Day, as usual.

It looks like our cucumber plants in the container garden are coming along nicely. I wish I could have said the same for the radishes.


Robert said...

Too funny about the bottle rockets. I worry about these types of things myself a lot beings I commute after midnight for the ride home. I am always waiting for the day I catch a beer bottle to the head.

shan said...

I once accidentally hit a motorcyclist with a bottle rocket. I promise it was an accident.

The Djembe is a lot of fun to play, and being a bassist you should have no problem. Just be sure to allow the bottom to vent so you can get those nice bass tones. The cajon is another great percussion instrument for worship.

Rider said...

Hey KC Bike commuter- I always enjoy your blog and I Just realized your ride with Aksiums on your bike too. How much weight do you put on the rear wheels?

I ask because this week I'm doing some light touring on my Jamis Road bike with...Aksiums...and I was a bit worried they aren't up to the task of holding my 235lb body and a maybe 25 lbs of clothes, toiletries and things.

Big fan of the blog and keep up the good work

jeff in california

Apertome said...

When I was a kid, we used to shoot fireworks at each other. Specifically, one kid would swing on a vine across a ravine while the others would try to hit the kid on the vine with bottle rockets. Good times.

But we never fired bottle rockets at anyone who wasn't participating in our ... uhh ... game.

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