Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weathery Weekend

Friday afternoon met Karen and I with high winds. We both ended up on the Antioch Express bus back home. Along 85th street, I noticed my tires were picking up a lot of pollen. It's kind of hard to see in this photo, but it must be all the budding trees nearby.

Redbud trees from Friday's homeward ride. I'm pretty sure with the weekend's storms, the buds are gone by now.

A quick post-tornado storm ride to the store. Wet roads. Dry bike ride. I love my fenders!

This weather system looks pretty tenacious. It could stick around until sometime tomorrow. Right now, it seems to be stalled and building again.


Anonymous said...

That wind Friday was brutal. The buses here don't have bike racks,so I had to tough it out.

On the bright side, it did make the commute in the morning real easy.

Noah said...

Karen said I should have ridden all the way in on Monday morning. She said she just sat on the bike and the wind took her downtown. Riding a few miles into it Friday morning, I can say I believe her. I just couldn't get up early enough for the full trip.

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