Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dark Side Ride IV

Friday, after riding home with Karen, I noticed some blossoms on the trees in my apartment complex.

Friday night was the fourth installment of The Dark Side Ride. Our night rides (which have gone under various names) usually happen about monthly during "Bicycling Season" and start at about 9:00 PM. Riders are subject to RUSA rules for lighting, safety and reflective gear just so that everyone is seen and safe. Usually, they're about 25-40 miles in length, so riders should be ready to ride that far and have lights that last several hours. As you can see, there's probably a good 5,000 lumens in this crowd. For the most part we stay together, so if you don't have an insanely bright light, you'll probably still be able to see pretty well.

The turn-around point in Belton.

It was nice to see lots of faces. I think we had 14 people total? I finally got to meet Darius, plus some other folks I haven't seen in a while... some as long as almost two years! cDude, as usual, put on a heck of a ride. I don't remember everyone's name, but I know Wildcat Al, Randy, Badger, Clem, Nan, Chris and Dave were among us. Grr! I need to remember some names. :(

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amidnightrider said...

It's been a while since my gang did night rides. They are definitely a different kind of fun.

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