Thursday, April 16, 2009

Back and Out

I haven't had a full out-and-back commute using only my bike in quite a while. Part of it is economics. I'm paying (albeit very little) for the bus pass and I can get away with eating smaller meals when I take the bus. It's a way to save a few bucks per month.

Just like yesterday afternoon was beautiful, so was this morning. Temps in the 50s, breeze out of the southeast, and a little tiny threat of rain, but I just got sprinkled on a bit.

I guess I had a "back and out" round-trip commute instead of an "out and back" one.

It's hard to see, but there's a rainbow here.


Anonymous said...

You can eat smaller meals, huh?

Are you that ripped? You could not lose another pound? Your at like 4% body fat? You could not stand to be in a tiny caloric deficit for a few months?

Noah said...

I'm already running a caloric deficit, asshole.

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