Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Winter: 3 Spring: 1

Photo: Moonlit Demolition Scene from this morning at the bus stop.

Spring gave it a real go of things, but Winter continues to persevere and knock it down. We got a surprise snow-storm a few weekends ago. Yesterday, a relatively warm morning fell to its knees over the workday, greeting me with temperatures back in the 30s and a wind strong enough to work its way through my balaclava and give me a really nasty ear-ache. Not to mention the fact that it was constantly pushing me sideways toward traffic.

This morning? 15 degrees or so. Some forecasters are saying it could get even colder tomorrow morning.

/me shakes fist at winter.


Anonymous said...

I shake my fist at winter with you.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry. Here in the Great White North, we had -30 degrees yesterday morning. Tomorrow morning I ride in +30 degrees. Surely the end of winter is nigh...please, please, please... (fingers crossed).

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