Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Heartbreaking. This is the alley behind my office. This is someone's 'home'

I crashed the mainframe again! (okay, not really, but I abended an application)

This guy was just grossing me out. He was saggin' so bad that he was practically grinding bare ass on the bus seats. Juggalos are strange. On a side note, most people grow out of this phase by the time they're 18. This specimen (I'd guess age 23) is quite possibly the oldest Juggalo in the history of all of mankind. Yes, I am a hater. Bite me.

Ah, freedom is a bicycle.

I had yesterday off to take care of some legal issues and other errands. I didn't ride the bike all the way downtown this morning because it hadn't touched pavement since I put it together. I needed a shakedown run. That, and it was well below freezing and skinny tires don't go well with black ice. I knew how the roads were on the way to the Maul, but not all the way downtown.

Things are a little crazy between my family and geek obligations. I'm not sure when I'll start at the full commute again. I was dreaming that the 2.5 mile ride to the bus this morning would be swift and effortless, but the higher gearing and headwind gave me the reality check: I am indeed as out-of-shape as I feel. I'll get it back, though.


linaria said...

out of curiousity, what is that strapped to the back of your left crank?

Noah said...

It's a magnet for my cadence sensor. Unfortunately, the bike computer I had that reads that sensor got stolen with my red bike in August.

amidnightrider said...

It's sad but like you I know lots of people stuck in Jr High mode. Some things like wearing a hat inside, (or even at dinner in a nice restaurant). I see "men" in their 30s, 40's and even 50's with the name of some 25 year old athlete on their shirt. I just don't understand that. I wonder if it's some kind of sex thing sometimes.

The guy you saw on the bus is over the line, but just barely. He still may come around. Kind of doubt it though is my first impression.

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