Friday, January 16, 2009



A So-called "Danger Panda" - Standing on the pedals. No hands on the bars. No eyes on the road. 404: Brains Not Found. At least I won't fall prey to zombies. All kidding aside, this was a fun shot to take, and I took it coasting a nice, downhill quiet residential area with no driveways on my side of the road. Note the frost already taking over the Balaclava. This was actually taken a few evenings ago.

This car passed me last night and then got on the highway. I had to snap a picture of its improvised bumpers, made from thick iron pipes. It reminds me of my first car a little bit: an old '81 Accord.


The pond in my apartment complex is obviously frozen. Except for the edge (shown here) it's smooth as glass. This R/C car is a cheap one my sis gave me. Its "tires" are hard plastic and it's rear-wheel-drive only. I ran it around the pond a bit but got tired of losing control and doing nothing but skidding around aimlessly.

After dark, I took my nicer all-wheel-drive RC Car out on the ice. When it's not being raced or abused, it's dressed up as a nice C5 'Vette:

But for this, I threw on the R34 Skyline body, which has been destroyed, flipped, scuffed, cracked, or otherwise abused and humiliated. I wish I could have captured some good photos or a video of this thing on the ice. It screams like a banshee, and the soft, treaded rubber tires and all-wheel-drive gave it great acceleration, handling, and control on the ice. With about 3 acres of glass-smooth arena at my disposal, it might as well have been a scale model of the Bonneville Salt Flats. It only goes about 12 MPH, but it looks fast since it's a relatively small 1:20 scale R/C car. I didn't bother hooking up the headlights, but the green under-car lights made it look pretty cool on the ice, as well as helping me keep an eye on it.

I didn't expect snow this morning, but we got about an inch.

This one's for John in Calgary. You can clearly see that snow (and plenty of frigid air) sneaks in through the doorway on the bus.

Lorin, JR, and I warmed up over caffeinated goodness before heading into the office.

Random Tunage:
Shiny Toy Guns - Le Disko
Oebital - Walk Now...


sallymander said...

I had a 1981 Toyota Corolla wagon with a rear bumper made of two rows of 2.5" stainless steel pipe. I bet that guy lost 3mpg with bumpers like that.

Frogman said...

I've seen that guy around a bunch. He leaves it running when he gets gas. The rack and more are custom welds. I don't think it has an exhaust. It's quite the distinctive vehicle.

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