Thursday, January 29, 2009

Note to self.

Dear Self,
It seems that you have lost your sense of appropriate clothing at certain temperatures. I am talking about your boisterous display of stupidity on your homeward commute this afternoon. Although 41°F sounds tantamount to a nice late-spring day, rest assured that it's not. Please remember, your hands and ears do not like being left out in the open at temps below 50°.

Noah D.
Executive Curmudgeonly Bastard
KC Bike Commuting

It looked so nice and sunny out. 41 did sound comfortable. My ears didn't think so, neither did my hands, especially when touching the metal brake levers.

Mail Call:


Doug said...

Love the "mail call" shot!!

wardy said...

Did the same thing today. 38F is a lot warmer than usual, but till nearly cold enough to make body parts fall off. It's funny how we get used to the cold. 23F is now my threshold for wearing a jacket. But head, ears, hands and feet must be kept warm.

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