Thursday, January 22, 2009

Faux Toes - Jan 21/22

Sorry the flash ruined this one. It pretty much sums up my thought on Girl Scout Cookies. They are tasty, but good grief they're expensive.

Some co-workers and I went to Flying Saucer for lunch yesterday. I'd never been there before. They use golf tees instead of toothpicks to hold sandwiches together. I'm sure wooden toothpicks are more biodegradable than painted golf tees, so the "sustainability" of this is called into question quickly. From a gimmicky marketing perspective, I think it's pretty clever.

Speaking of sustainability, the barista that served Lorin and I at Starbucks yesterday pointed at the bike helmet in my hand and asked if I'm carbon neutral yet. I chuckled. In retrospect, I wish I would have had enough cynical snarkiness at the time to say "no, but I'm carbon based." - Unfortunately, my snark engine is caffeine-fueled and I was on Empty...

A few days ago, my wife bought some cool erasable pens that use thermo-sensitive ink. The "eraser" is a hard plastic nub that generates heat through friction, which turns the ink transparent.

I experimented with that last night, as I'm always one to see what makes things tick. I found out that this ink is usable for "secret" messages. The erased ink re-appears when you put the paper in a freezer.

I guess if you correct your writing with one of these pens, make sure you don't leave the documents in your car on a cold winter day!

This morning, I tried heating the ink with the heat from my stovetop and the "invisible" message comes back much clearer than it does when you rub it away with the "eraser" -- In fact, it's almost as dark and crisp as before it was erased.

The thin crescent moon was eerily awesome this morning. I wish I could have captured it with more clarity, but I was rushed. On a side note: Barnes & Noble is nearing completion, and I'm somewhat excited about having a giant bookstore close to home, even if it caters primarily to the Oprah Mind Control Consumer-Zombie Sheeple.

Occasionally, something goes horribly wrong with a shot and I end up liking it anyway. This was one of those.

Random Tunage:
Stabbing Westward - Save Yourself
Steve Winwood - Back In the High Life Again

... Yep. Definitely Random this morning.


Sirrus Rider said...

If you go back to the Saucer you have to try their French Dip Sandwich. It is literally out-of-this-world!

Jon said...

Well, a corporate book store is way better than no bookstore. And, even if they don't necessarily have it for browsing, B&N can and will custom order just about any book in print.


Anonymous said...

In Columbia, the GS cookies have gone up to $4 per box, is that what they are in KC? My daughter hasn't sold nearly as many this year and I think it's largely because of the increase and the economy. We don't buy a lot of cookies in the store so I don't have much to compare to but seems expensive. I don't eat many cookies because it means I have to exercise more!!

Noah said...

Yep, same price here.

Anonymous said...

My daughters GS cookies we're still $3.50 in Lees Summit?

Still expensive though.

Anonymous said...

Hi Noah. Steve Winwood tuneage! Now that brings back memories. Where did I put that CD?

Ron Sexton said...

More on the cookie front
all the best from new york,

Tim O said...

I found it somewhat ironic that you have a disclaimer about sarcasm and not apologizing for it...followed by a post where the first thing you say is "Sorry...."

Got my first good laugh of the week! I needed one after a 14-hr Saturday working on a backup software migration. You'd think backup was easy-breezy but it's not, I guess.....

Now off to Barnes and Noble to buy "The Secret" .....haha

Noah said...

I thought about including a note about being ironic, but that would have ruined it for you.

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