Monday, December 22, 2008


A few interesting details from this morning:

I haven't ridden The Twelve since the 200k attempt. I left the apartment in tennis shoes, forgetting about the SPD pedals. I rode anyways. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

I saw one other cyclist this morning, in KCK. It waved back at me. I say "it" because like me, said cyclist was bundled up enough to obscure any gender clues.

We had a water pipe burst in our apartment building today, so I hurried home on the A bus to make sure everything was okay. Our apartment was unscathed, but the breezeways were a skating rink and our neighbor across the hall wasn't nearly as lucky.

My wife and I are babysitting some hellians while their mom (my sis in law) works on our computer doing some college classes. *OUR* kids will NOT turn out like this.

Laugh, I know you want to. I could go into the details, but I'll spare you.


Anonymous said...

Nothing a good beating won't fix!!!

Anonymous said...

Three posts without any pictures? Ugh?!?!? You're killing me.



Noah said...

I have an excuse. 3 Posts back, it was late and I was on my way to bed. I tried to get some pictures yesterday morning, but at 0*F, the chemical reaction that takes place in Nickel Metal Hydride batteries just doesn't work as well. My camera said the batteries were too weak to take pictures. Yesterday afternoon, my camera was telling me that its memory card was corrupt. I really wanted to get some good shots of the iced-over breezeway. I think there may have been a small bug in CHDK (which improves the usability, and thus the photo quality of my cheap digi-cam). Last night, after finally evicting my nieces, sis-in-law and the other kid she brought along, I was able to re-format the SD card and re-install CHDK. I hope that fixed the problem.

Warren T said...

Might I suggest a combination of sugar and Red Bull. Yeah, that will help you.

Darius said...

I remember saying things like "when we have kids, we won't..." or " Our kids will never..."

Yeah, right.

Noah said...

Let's just say that when my wife and I have kids, they will have two loving parents, and neither of us will be alcoholics, stoned, driving our kids (and someone else's) around in a wrecked car without a license because of a DUI 2 weeks prior.

I think I can say that with confidence.

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