Wednesday, October 01, 2008


That's about all I can say to headline the past few days.

Monday night, as you know, I took a bunch of equipment downtown for a fundraiser event. That went really well. We had a pretty good turnout for the movie. This was a shot I took of the projector rig from afar. There's some motion blur from the people, but it was a 15 second exposure.

Then, we did some quick tests of the laser graffiti rig at Harry's to make sure our setup worked.

After that, we mobilized and took to the streets of KC with it, blasting the projector more than 1/10 of a mile onto the side of a prominent AT&T building downtown. I really wish I would have brought my Tripod along for some bracketed shots. These would have been much better in HDR.

It was a little more impressive in person. Here are some short video clips from our test run at Harry's:

Without going into a whole lot of detail, my wife's having some problems again. I didn't get much sleep Monday night, and woke up to a Gran Mal Seizure yesterday morning. I'm epileptic but most of my symptoms are in remission. This is the first seizure of this magnitude I've had in more than a decade. This kind easily ruins your day. So both my wife and I were having trouble yesterday.

Everyone experiences seizures a little differently. I can only imagine what I experienced yesterday was something like a really, really bad LSD trip. Visually, I started getting tunnel vision, then my whole body went numb, hands and face got clammy, then a funny, metallic taste and accompanying smell occurred. During the convulsions, my eyes were shut but I could hear everything around me (including one of my cats freaking out) and then I was seeing stars through closed eyelids, which quickly turned into a very vivid pattern of colorful fractal-like images. The visual was extremely compelling. Had I not been in pain and unable to move, I probably would have enjoyed that part. Like I said... probably much akin to a bad trip.

What's odd is that yesterday I found out that my mother (also an epileptic with very infrequent symptoms) had a similar episode not long ago.

My muscles are still pretty sore from the convulsions today, and somewhere along the way I really trashed my left arm. I took the bus this morning, and will probably take it this afternoon to get out to the hospital my wife's staying at, then ride home from there tonight (about 12 miles if I recall correctly).

So yeah, this has been quite a week so far, and it's only Wednesday. Now where the heck is my coffee?


Anonymous said...

Hang in there Noah, hope you and your wife are back in good health soon. I have a friend who has seizures and it always scares the hell out of me, can't imagine how it must feel. Take it easy, hope you are back on two wheels soon.

Noah said...

Thanks. I'm back on two wheels today, just fatigued. The ride from the hospital home tonight will be the real test. Also, thanks for reminding me (although not intentionally) that I have to get the lights off my bike and charge the batteries while I'm at work. I still don't know how long that old CatEye lasts on a set of AA's.

dvicci said...

Wow. It's been an interesting week for quite a few people, it seems. Take care of yourself and yours, man.

Jason said...

Maybe its the change of the seasons? hang in there man, I'll keep you and your wife in my prayers!

Apertome said...

Man, I am really sorry to hear about your wife's health problems, and your seizure. Here's hoping things improve for you soon.

That projector thing is just awesome!

Warren T said...

Any possibility looking at all the laser lights could have been a trigger? [I know absolutely nothing about this stuff...]

I'm keeping you and your wife in my prayers.

Noah said...

Thanks, all.

Warren, sometimes I get a little weird around strobes, but they have to be at a very specific frequency. The lasers we were using were green laser pointers, and the projector just painted a beam of light wherever the pointer was. Also, this happened almost 6 hours after I had finished with the laser rig.

One thing that has set me off in the past was stress and lack of sleep.

Given that my left arm is having problems, I'm guessing I may have temporarily dislocated it while trying to shut off my alarm clock. I've dislocated it before and it pops out of socket pretty easily now. Combined with my lack of sleep, I'm betting the pain in my left arm has something to do with what triggered the seizure. It literally happened within SECONDS of my alarm waking me up.

Tom said...

Is the pain in your left arm movement induced? If not get it checked out. It could be heart (along with some of your seizure symptoms).

I will join others and pray for you and your wife. Blessings and peace.

Jennifer said...

Oh my. Hang in there.

Noah said...

It's a stiff shoulder joint and muscular tenderness all down my tricep to my elbow. It feels like the tenderness is along my the upper part of my ulnar nerve, but that could just be because something is out of whack in my elbow or shoulder (including the potential of pinched tissue) causing phantom pain along that nerve.

The Historian said...

Sorry to read about the seizure, Noah. I'm glad you are up and around so soon.

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