Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So it went kinda like this...

Not exactly the worst commute I've ever had. But close enough.

Something doesn't look quite right.

I couldn't dislodge it by hand, and didn't have any pliers. Thanks again, Dave. Oh yeah, I needed THREE tire levers for the Bonti Hard Case tires, so the integrated ones in the MTB-3 came in useful today.

Grimy. Zogics CitraWipe to the rescue.

Spider Web with raindrops. Yep. Rain, too.

Oh yah. More of me in the news. Seriously, Kansas City media needs to find some fresh faces. My ugly mug should NOT be the face of cycling in KC.


Apertome said...

Ouch! That's a really harsh flat. "Hard case," though? Please! The nail went all the way through. I blame the tires. ;)

Pat Ring said...

I saw the guy's name was Noah and wondered if that was you in that news piece. I started reading your blog a few weeks ago, so I don't think I backtracked far enough to read or know about your accident. I am sorry to hear about that. During your commute, do you obey all traffic regulations, such as stop lights, stop signs, etc., as part of your advocacy (or preservation of life?) Did your style change after the accident? Unfortunately, I will always be a poor ambassador for cyclists.

Ben said...

OUCH. I had a similar nail take out a similar tire last year. Can't knock the hardcases, though, they seem to be great tires for the price (I paid $35 for the replacement). That, however, is harsh. I've got a similar hole on my front Conti, put a tube patch and a little bit of gorrila tape on the inside, so far so good.

Noah said...

Rick: I obey most of the laws during my commute. There are exceptions. I never signal turns or lane changes if there aren't any vehicles around, and sometimes I don't bother signaling right turns unless someone's right on my tail. I've been known to break the speed limit where there's a good downhill and a 25 MPH limit. If a stop light doesn't change after 30 seconds without any cross traffic, I'll usually just roll through if it's safe rather than trying to find a crosswalk button to push.

My awareness changed a lot after the wreck, and I got a mirror for the helmet. My style hasn't changed much, but my first few weeks back on the bike after that, I was a little paranoid.

Yokota Fritz said...

That's a serious flat.

I went 10 over the limit in a 45 mph zone once :-)

In my previous residence (Longmont, Colorado), the local paper always picked the woman in our bike advocacy group for the photos.

Scott Redd said...


I had one like that (picture here). Amazingly enough, I was able to keep riding for another two miles. I never lost pressure until I removed the nail.

I still have the nail on my desk.

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