Friday, September 12, 2008

Don't think. Just ride.

Lenexa, KS (my home) is marked with the (+) to the left of the center of the image.

I rode to the bus and got thoroughly water-logged in 2 miles. I would have been just as well off riding all the way. Hindsight is 20/20. For what it's worth, I don't think my raincovers would have kept everything dry if I was out in it much longer since the back (wheel-facing surface) is open.

Random Tunage:
Amber - Anyway (Steve Porter Mix)
Nine Inch Nails - The Day The World Went Away


dvicci said...

Water logged in 2 miles. I know! Wasn't it fantastic!!

I love watching the faces of drivers at intersections as the gape at me out there in the downpour (not that this morning was a real downpour, but it was nice and steady). They look like they can't decide between admiring me, or dismissing me as an utter idiot. Whatever. Do both!

Sairen said...

Wow, it's not just me! That's my favorite part, too. I love the way drivers look at me. Makes me giggle and makes the next half mile worth it. My rainsuit worked for me, except for my feet (must get gear to keep feet dry!) - they were soaked at 4 miles. Of course, then I have to wonder, "Why AM I doing this, again?"

The Unabashed Blogger said...

Gaiters help quite a bit...if your shoes are water proof that is. Tuck em under your rain pants and over your shoes. I use them on my motorcycle too.

I'm just waiting on my lights to arrive... c'mon ups!!

Noah said...

I'm of the school of thought that rain gear just makes it worse unless it's colder than low-50s outside.

Even in a few miles, I'd get sweaty and suffocate in rain gear. I'd rather be drenched in rain water than in sweat any day, especially if the rain is from the sky... fenders keep it off me from the ground.

Noah said...

To all those commenting on the looks of motorists... I saw ONE motorist on the way to the bus. Which is good. I always envision someone plowing out into the street from one of the residential roads on Quivira when it's raining, for some reason. Didn't keep me from hammering it all the way to the bus, though. I had a really good clip going from the Apex of the viaduct down to 95th Street. 35 MPH down the hill, 26-30 most of the way to 95th after that :)

I don't love the rain. In fact, I left late so I'd HAVE to hammer it to the bus to minimize my time spent in it.

Anonymous said...

Riding buddies without fenders are like people who fart right before they leave the room your in.

CurbDestroyer Chronicles said...

Wait till it gets to 40 degrees and it rains. Like I tell them . . . "The Heat is in the Pedals!" . . . (Do I use quotes since it's my own quote?) . . . anyway what I notice is, it seems people are in a hurry in the rain. Like they need to get out of the rain when they are in a car. I just notice more people being annoyed with me.

sasquatch2 said...

I don't mind riding in the rain, even when my kit has a few leaks, but I don't like getting into work soaked down to the underoos!

PS- what hurricane is that on the radar?????

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