Sunday, July 13, 2008

Photos from the Lenexa Midnight Bike Ride

I'll start with people I know who I got photos that were at least usable. This event shocked me a little bit, as it's kind of crazy how many cyclists I actually know. I probably saw 50 people or more who I have either ridden with before or met off the bike at one time or another.

This is my co-worker, known here as Benneplex. He recently got back into bicycling after a long break. He was concerned whether or not he'd be able to do the whole 12.5 mile long loop as he's only been riding a few weeks. He didn't have any problems, though, aside from a little trouble with his shifting. I stuck with him the whole ride to make sure he could do it.

Benneplex, as we call him, actually lives too far out to commute by bike, but he car pools with another popular Kansas City geek (Techmonkey from The AlternaGeek Podcast, who also is getting back into bicycling)

Amber and a guy whose name escapes me, both come to the Monday Night rides.

ThatGuy from DDRKC and his girlfriend. I know TG from KC PHP User's Group.

Lorin (one of my morning bike commuting coffee buddies) and his daughter, Bailey.

Eric, also from KC PHP User's Group. His dad's off to the left (sorry I didn't capture all of him. I was holding the camera above my head). The woman off to the right (whose name also escapes me) also shows up to the Monday night rides almost every week.

The Man. The Myth. The c'Dude.

A little abstract high-contrast stuff.

Long exposure of a train and two bicyclists passing. You can't see the cyclists but their flashing tail lights left a cool pattern.

Ye-olde-school Trek road bike.

c'Dude's Sweet ground effects.

Nearly 1,300 cyclists are chomping at the bit to get rolling. It's almost time.

... AND We're off!

Some long exposures from the straightaway after the second big downhill.

This guy had my favorite rig out of anyone there.

In the Meritex Caves.

Some of the KCPUG guys met Benneplex and I over at Denny's.

A lot of SUV's were pulling up with bikes on the back, but this family knew how to roll. Denny's was less than 2 miles from the end point of the ride.

It was almost 3:00AM by the time I got done at Denny's. I saw this baby robin on my way home.

It was either really tired, really tame or very stupid. It didn't mind an up-close and personal macro shot with flash.


Tim O said...

Great pics, I did 52 miles and got to practice changing a flat (again...) on my Surly on Sunday so I didn't ride on the Lenexa event. Lots of participation for the midnight ride, which is great!

There are new tires in the Surly's future..the Slickasaurus 26x1.5 tires are not the best. I have some Serfas Barista (seriously that's the name) tires I'm gonna put on, they have a armor layer and are 1.25" = more speedy.

The Sunday Brookside ride had 2 special guests - from the BBC World Service; they did interviews for a radio spot they will do on a show called "One Planet" about KC and our dismal bicycling we took them on Cliff Drive which is still torn up and full of tree debris due to lack of maintenance, and also through the NE industrial area...also Swope Park and City Market....interesting cross-section. When I get the podcast location I'll send it out.

Also Beardsley Dr from E of Kemper to downtown is OPEN....what a great little stretch that is! New pavement and no traffic on it!!

Noah said...

Tim, I'll be riding a little with Will Grant for the One Planet show this afternoon. He wanted to do some riding with a bicycle commuter. It should be great fun. I'll have pics posted from that this evening.

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