Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Out There And Back...

A great album, to be sure, but it pretty much sums up my rather mundane day from the saddle.

I departed to 65% Relative Humidity and ambient temperatures in the high 70s before the sun even thought of coming up. It rained on me just a little bit, but it wasn't enough to cool me off. I didn't see a single bicycle commuter this morning, and the bike parking at the office -- usually loaded to capacity -- was barren all day.

This evening, moderate headwind and sticky heat met me. Only but a few cyclists were out and about, among them was Cory. Oddly, Cory was on a geared road bike today. I've never seen him riding anything other than a flip-flip IRO Rob Roy (in singlespeed mode). Even on the singlespeed, ESPECIALLY on the singlespeed, He's a lot faster than I am. A brief, friendly wave between us and he was quickly a speck on the horizon.

Personally, I didn't mind the weather too much. It's when the heat index floats up into that 105+ range and/or the headwind is at 15MPH or more that I really find it difficult to stay motivated. Today definitely felt like summer, but it was a great day for a bike commute.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I can't even imagine 105+ degrees of summer heat from up here in the Canadian Rockies. May I recommend `Rites of Summer`by Spyro Gyra and a cold glass of Iced Capuccino (a Canadian favorite) to cool you down.

Tom said...

I haven't listened to Spyro Gyra in ages... do they still cut albums...ahem,,,cough.... I mean cd's.

Sirrus Rider said...

I overslept this morning. :( (and I kept having daydreams of commuting in on my 07 Sirrus.)

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to your road bike?

Noah said...

I still have it. I've come to the conclusion that between my weight, the weight of stuff I have to carry to work and the roads downtown, it's not the best choice of my bikes to use for my commute right now. It needs a little bit of love, but you'll see more of it soon. I plan on doing the RUSA 10 year anniversary 200k in August. If I do, it'll come out for that event for sure.

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