Saturday, June 21, 2008

June Moon Ride

Chris arrives (by car) to ride with Dave and I to the ride.

Chris and Dave

At the start point. Badger is mooning us?

Amnee and Jason showed up. I know both of them. Jason through classes at JCCC and Amnee through the Monday Night rides.

C'Dude's Sweet vintage Trek.

Left to right: C'Dude (almost out of frame), Dave, Al, Jason, Crowbar, Chris, Amnee (hiding behind Chris) and Badger (almost out of frame too). Counting myself, we had a crowd of nine. Awesome!


Rest stop in De Soto, KS.

C'Dude needs wipers for his glasses. This is a bug splat.

It wouldn't be a June Full Moon Ride if it wasn't june or close to being a full moon, would it? Here, the moon is rising over the highway and between some trees.

More abstractness

A quick regroup before the death slog. One of many slogs, actually.

Even more abstractness.

All in all, I put 81 miles on since I woke up...errm yesterday at 5:00. Now, it's almost 1:30 and time for me to go to sleep.


Frogman said...

We saw you on Santa Fe Trail when we were on the way to dinner. I waved from the Beater Scort...

amidnightrider said...

I'm having trouble getting people to do night rides lately. During Feb and March I almost had to beat them back. WTF?

Chris said...

WooHoo that was a fun ride! I wish you would have gotten a photo of that skunk family polluting up the air. I don't think you could have asked for nicer weather in Kansas for an evening ride; upper 60's NO WIND and moderate humidity. Thanks everyone who showed up and Noah for suggesting this dark pleasure...

Jason said...

Had a great time! Indeed it was a perfect night for this ride. Thanks for putting this together. I'm up for a ride like this anytime!!

Anonymous said...

Noah, that's awesome. When I ride in the mornings it's awesome to see the moon up in the early moring sky. Maybe I should try a moon ride at night or start one here.

Apertome said...

Man, that looks like fun. I am not terribly comfortable riding at night, especially not long rides like that. I suppose riding in a group and brighter lights would help, though. Still, I tend to only do night rides when the days are short. This reminds me I should do them more often.

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