Monday, June 30, 2008

Candid Photography - Lots of bike commuters!

Today's photos are pretty raw and craptastic. Took quite a few from the hip or with a lot of zoom (and thus increased f/ and slower shutter speeds).
I was up really, really late last night. Crazy late. I probably would have had the legs for the full bike commute today but I was tired and feeling quite lazy. I slept in a bit and rode to the bus in my work clothes with the exception of my clipless shoes since my dress shoes are at the office. Just call me Fred.

This dumpster-destined Roadmaster bike was joined by a NEXT Power Climber last night, of nearly identical design to my first bike as a bike commuter. The Power Climber is gone this morning. This Roadmaster had absolutely nothing of use on it. I would have parted it out, otherwise. I just left it for someone else to mess with. It's repairable but it'd cost more than buying a brand new one unless somebody had brakes, cables, shifters, a new FD and a chain laying around.

The crazy bus ride. Here's a ridiculous story. This bus is pretty much packed to capacity although it's not standing room only. TheJO is actually sending around a second bus to follow this one for its entire route. If this one gets to standing room only, the standers can board the second bus.

Pardon my rant, but WHAT IN THE HELL?! First and foremost, almost half of the riders of this bus board at its last stop in Johnson County: Oak Pork Maul. This bus is never, EVER full before it gets to The Maul. Ever. Further, what is the matter with having to stand up for twenty minutes? 30% of the riders get off the bus at its first downtown stop, leaving ample seating room 20-25 minutes after boarding at The Maul. I have three suggestions:

  1. Just send one bus. If people have to stand, call the waaaaambulance while playing Wintermärchen (a.k.a. Hearts And Flowers) on the world's smallest violin.
  2. Send one bus straight downtown from the stop before Oak Pork Maul. Send a separate one specifically for the riders at Oak Pork Maul. At least you're not wasting twice the fuel following one bus with the other for the entire route.
  3. Send the second bus straight to Oak Pork Maul and have it on standby if needed, while running the earlier part of the route with just one bus.
Come on, people. How hard is this?I took candid shots of only perhaps a third of the bizarre urban bike commuting creatures I saw while imbibing my caffeinated yumminess. This one was walking his bike while talking to a woman when he stopped to roll a cigarette.

A few seconds later, he was lit up and walking some more. Positively fascinating.

This one, in full office attire, was also walking his bike.

There is a fourth bike commuter in my building now. I saw him unloading an old Trek road bike from the back of a minivan, then locking up to the fence I used to lock to when I first started riding. He must not know there's a bike rack over where the motorcycles park. I've heard about this bike before from other cow-orkers but this morning is the first time I've seen it. I'm guessing he gets a ride with someone who works downtown but has a different homeward schedule, then rides home -- wherever that might be. I didn't get a chance to talk to him.

Tons of bikes on the buses, and a great many cyclists out riding on Main Street this morning sporting trunk bags, panniers, messenger bags, backpacks, and almost every kind of non-bike-specific clothing imaginable. People are either getting very smart or very, very desperate. I'll let you decide, but I think I know which one is prevailing.
Random Tunage:
Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles
Robert Miles - Children

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Anonymous said...

Hi Noah, If people are getting smart they will find a way to keep biking into the cooler weather of the fall. If they are desperate they will find a way to keep biking right through the winter. Or maybe it's the other way around?

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