Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bike, Blight and Light.

Here's the fog light setup. 10W NiteRider Evolution running a 15W bulb. Puts out approximately 300 lumens for 90 minutes, then dies pretty soon after that.

From the other side.

And from the front. I ran it this morning instead of my DiNotte. It's great for pot-holes and it's easy to see from ahead, although once oncoming cars get too close the wheel blocks the beam. This doesn't concern me a whole lot, as I don't plan on running this light as a primary headlight. I just want a good backup for the June Moon ride.

I found what appears to be a car key on the ground. I kept it.

The mountain bike has been locked up next to me two days in a row. I'd make fun of the huge seat but my own mountain bike has a similar one.

Ah, grain elevator carnage! From the looks of things, this grain elevator in Kansas City, Kansas has been out of operation for a very, very long time. Demolition started less than two weeks ago, although it doesn't look like much progress has been made.

Literally tons of not-so-fresh wheat.

The gaping rectangular hole, however, appears to be quite old judging from the stuff within.

More carnage.

This area on the far end of the silo appears to have been used for loading trucks and railcars as well as some office space. I saw evidence that it's very recently been used for shelter and/or home.

This building, perhaps a mere two miles away from the grain elevator, is almost all the way gone, too. The semi tractor is being loaded up to haul off debris.

Mmm. Skeeter pit. This swampy water's been stagnating way too long.

Can you say West Nile Virus?

It wasn't terribly hot today, but it was really humid. Karen tops off her bottle at one of the faucets in Chatlain Park.

All in all, a nice day for a bike ride. Now, I need to get crack-a-lackin' on this tire situation.

Random Tunage:
Tul - Pepperoni Machine
Shakta - Lepton Head


Noah said...

Here are some interesting links pertaining to this grain elevator:

Scott Haefner was there. :) I love UE.

Google Maps Street View

MRMacrum said...

A factory smokestack is being demolished in Sanford. Your pictures remind me of it. It also is not proceeding very quickly. I will try to take some pictures. A crack developed in it and there is a threat that it might collapse and take out some houses that live in it's shadow.

Apertome said...

Wow, great photos! I love photographing abandoned places, but haven't done it for quite some time. I always get an uneasy feeling when I'm doing it, though, mostly fear of being caught, I guess. You got some awesome shots, and I hope you had fun in the process.

sallymander said...

I'm heading over to the grain elevator this afternoon after work to shoot some photots. I'll be going inside with some friends. I'll send you a link once I post the photos to flickr.

Thanks for posting the links to Scott's photos...now I'm really excited to get inside and take some shots.

Noah said...

By "Friends" I hope you're including me. Because there's no way I'm letting you have all the fun.

amidnightrider said...

Lots of co-workers are asking me about the heat. They can't imagine riding in 90 degree weather even when I say I'm only riding for an hour. The fact that I create a wind chill confuses many of them. I get a lot of yeabuts. Yea, but?

Noah said...

Our dialect in the midwest is a bit different. Out here, it's wudif.

Wudif it rains?
I get wet.

Wudif it's hot?
I get sweaty.

Wudif it's windy?
I either have a quick ride or a really slow one.

Wudif ... ugh. Kill me now.

Paul Dorn said...

That's a shame about the grain silo, hope it gets replaced with something appealing. In Sacramento, they are converting the Globe Mills silos into senior housing. (Scroll down to see the silos; Alkali Flat is actually my neighborhood.

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