Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day

I didn't take these on Memorial Day, but the Lenexa post office was already flying half-staff. I had to go for the breezy photo op. Tomorrow is officially Memorial Day -- a U.S. holiday set aside to remember our fallen heroes who perished in military service. Obviously, there is a strong observance of prisoners of war or those missing in action as well. This is a federal holiday.

Among other businesses and industries, Wall Street will be closed. I, working in the financial services industry, do not work either. Between this and the brewing storms, you can bet your britches that I won't be leading a convoy in the morning. I'll be sleeping in.

I ran 9 miles of errands on The Goat today. Hard telling what's in store for tomorrow, but Tuesday I plan on riding to work and back, weather permitting.

On my way home from church, I saw this wind farm at EcoWorks in Lenexa. I've seen it before many times (I used to deliver Pizza in this business park all the time) but it was churning today.

Too bad I couldn't capture the motion blur with any of my photos of the turbines.

Random Tunage:
Black Dove - Capsule
Basslimit - Paradise

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