Thursday, May 29, 2008

Brookside Ride

Interesting night. Not two hours after trying to kill myself on my bike, I rode out to Brookside. I've never been on the Brookside ride but I always hear great things. They have two rides. A slow one and a fast one. I wanted to go on the slow ride. Just get some cruising in. After all, just getting to the ride was a 10-mile jaunt.

Brookside is a quaint little part of Kansas City. I like it, actually. It's just between Midtown and Waldo, I guess you'd say.

Any readers here on BikeForums? I think this is awesome.

Bike rack too close to the fence. Lame.

Got some pick-me-up refreshments at Roasterie's Cafe before the ride.


and gathering! Maybe 40 total tonight. Good crowd.

Oops. I took the faster ride. Not terribly fast, but was moving right along.

After we'd dropped everyone we re-grouped.

The PVYC Blue Moose riders blowing by as we regroup.

I didn't realize that the black gentleman in yellow and blue was none other than Kenneth Walker, President of Major Taylor Foundation's KC Chapter. I've ridden with him before, and with his son (hiding behind him) multiple times. They're not only fast, but really down to earth.

Partway through the ride, I got a call from my wife. I had to split, and couldn't finish the ride. I've been kind of mum on the topic here, but she's at the hospital recovering from Gall Bladder surgery. Obviously, getting back to her ASAP was more important than living it up on a group ride. I took Indian Creek trail for part of the trip.

Then, I found what I thought was a bike trail short cut. It's not. It dead ends on a section of Switzer that's been blocked off for almost as long as I can recall. I hopped the barricade and took this picture.

Then took a detour. Figuring I could get to College Blvd this way.

Umm... Then rode about 1/4 mile through grass that was as tall as my handlebars....

More detour than I bargained for, and definitely not a shortcut.

My wife is recovering reasonably well. They're keeping her overnight again (tomorrow will be 3 days in the hospital), but she should be home tomorrow. The kitties and I really miss her.

Random Tunage:
Crystal Method - Busy Child
Ryan Farish - Legacy


MRMacrum said...

The custard shop is cool. Can't say Foo in BF always is.

Ain't it always the way, you need the short cut and it turns ugly on you. When you don't need it really, you discover a great corner cutter you never knew existed.

Wish your wife well, surgery of any kind is always distressing.

Chuong Doan said...

Thats my favorite ride. Relaxed pace and good people. You don't want to do the 8mph slow ride though. That's just insanely slow for you. But Laurie the ride leader is really cool. Hope your wife recovers well.

Apertome said...

I'm sorry to hear about your wife's surgery ... I hope she recovers well.

Anonymous said...

You really need to post that shot in Foo, if you haven't already.

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