Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Announcement: Return of Monday Commuter Convoys!

No more excuses, folks.

The weather is (kind of) getting nicer. It's time for the Monday Commuter Convoy to start back up.

Who runs this thing anyways?
Noah (that's me!) does. Well, I don't run anything, but I'll be one of the people to lead you, and I'm herding cats for this loosely organized phenomenon. My Monday Convoy is the same Lenexa-Downtown commuter convoy schedule and route that will be featured on May 12 as part of Bike Week in Kansas City. There are other volunteers hosting other routes for Bike Week, but if you're interested in hosting your own weekly commuter convoy, let me know and I'll start getting things in motion.

What is a bike commuter convoy?
A convoy is a group of vehicles traveling together for mutual support. A bike commuter convoy is a somewhat social no-drop ride at a pace determined by the slowest rider. Think of it as a group ride on your way to and from work!

Why ride in a convoy?
The Convoy allows those who are new to bike commuting (or new to bicycling!) to team up with experienced bicycle commuters who don't mind taking it easy and helping others out. By riding together, we are seen as traffic. By riding with experienced commuters, newer riders can gain knowledge of bike-friendly routes, traffic patterns and on-road confidence. It is our goal to help others get comfortable using their bikes for all kinds of trips.

Every Monday through September, weather permitting. We will depart at 5:40 AM and head toward Downtown KCMO.

Ride or drive to the strip mall on the west side of Quivira between 87th and 85th. There's plenty of parking if you need it. For reference, there's a Conoco gas station and a (currently out-of-business) restaurant that we usually meet between. [Street View]

If you're up north of 85th and Quivira, you can meet us at QuikTrip on the Northeast corner of 67th and Nieman, usually betwen 5:50 and 6:00 AM depending on the riders. Parking is limited, and I wouldn't rely on QT's parking lot unless you want your car towed.

The riders that have been participating lately have been holding an average speed of about 14 MPH in the morning. At this pace, we pass Boulevard Brewery between 6:20 and 6:30 AM. It's entirely possible to get to work in the downtown loop well before 7:00 if there are no mechanical problems.

The return convoy will meet at Boulevard Brewery, usually between 3:45 and 4:00PM. The ride back to Lenexa takes approximately an hour.

[Checkpoint Map] [Lenexa-To-Downtown Route] [Return Route]

Extra Stuff you might want to bring along

  • As the weather gets warmer, you'll likely want a water bottle. Getting dehydrated isn't fun.
  • It's wise to carry flat tire repair stuff (patches and/or spare tubes and a way to inflate them)
  • $1.75 will buy you a ride on the JO from downtown back to the convoy start point if weather gets bad or you don't feel up to the full length ride home.
  • I consider a helmet and a tail light essential, and at least a cheap LED headlight a VERY wise idea. Please think of using them for this ride.
Just use the form on the right side to contact me, or leave your comments here!


Anonymous said...

Whoa, you guys are some early risers. I usually don't get to downtown until 7:30. I come up from Prairie Village, so it's a little shorter of a ride.

Noah said...

Well, some of us need to be at work at 7:00. Leaving before 6:00 gets us downtown before 7:00.

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