Friday, March 28, 2008

Interesting Homeward Commute

Took the A bus to Johnson Drive this evening. The bus driver had to drop me off on the south side, which put me, eventually, right here:

I rode about a quarter mile of that stuff, some of it was really steep, other parts really rocky, some well graded like what you see, and some was really dry and sinky soft. Loads of fun. As I made my way to Turkey Creek Trail, I got stopped by a train.

Found a bunch of rail hardware. Sat on my bum. Waited. Waited. Drank some water.

Turkey Creek Trail was nice with not too many people out today despite shining sun and temps in the 50's. I stumbled across this on the trail. I'm pretty sure I know how this person feels. That reminds me... I found out today that my RD Hanger for The Twelve still isn't in, and won't be in until Monday at the earliest. Grr!

I have no clue where this roller skate came from, but I took the photo op anyways.

Here's a close-up. It doesn't look like it's been touched in a few days at least because of the waterspots from recent rain. No matching skate to be found anywhere. I think someone just planted it for the WTF factor to see if someone would take it or something.

Random Tunage:
Rockell - In a Dream
TATU - All The Things She Said


dvicci said...

One rollerskate. Huh. What's the dealio?

How many times have you been traveling about and seen ONE shoe on the trail*? Just one. If ever you do happen to see two, their from two different pairs, as if they've found each other in the vast expanse to comfort one another in their loneliness. It's just weird, I tell you. is available.

Anonymous said...

I know how the person missing the deraileur part feels. Had a rear on blow up last fall 1.5 miles from the end of a trail. Bent the rear hanger into the spokes too. Wound up walking the last bit, to lazy to single speed it down. It's a good thing it was flat though.

Lazy Lowrydr

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