Friday, February 08, 2008

Stupid Kids.

Well, two of the same kids from a few days ago were out again last night. Again, they yelled something at me. I think I'll chase them down and get pictures of them for you guys if they do it again this afternoon. It's about time I set aside my own personal Hall of Lame. I have to deal with a lot of lame things and people throughout the course of an average month. I'm sure I could make a weekly column out of it, in fact.

I was actually too busy tinkering with old CCTV cameras and messing with my DiNotte light last night to post. Aside from a run to Radio Shack adding some ticks to my odometer and resisting the urge to leave tire tracks on some punk kids' faces, yesterday and this morning were without event.

Random Tunage:
Green Day - Basket Case
Cut Copy - So Cosmic (Hour-long Mix-mash of Electro Tracks)

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