Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ho Ho Ho!

Photo: Checking my rear-view mirror for those pesky reindeer that just got dropped by a fat guy on a mountain bike. Blitzen just kicked it up to 400 Watts.

This was a balmy morning. No wind, lots of humidity, temperatures above freezing. I had a nice, pleasant ride to the bus, and got a friendly honk from a passing motorist who was ostensibly entertained by my apparel choice this morning. As was mentioned in the Parts & Crafts post, I got lots of comments all the way around.

Next Friday, my whole department is heading out to Ameristar Casino's buffet for our Annual Christmas "Holiday" Banquet. There's already talk of carpooling, but I'm thinking of trying to drum up a bunch of people to ride the bus out there instead of driving, since there are so many of us. There's a pretty good express schedule just for the casinos, and one of its stops is 2 blocks from my office. Wish me luck as I try to initiate the affluent masses to the joys of mass transit. I'd venture to say only a handfull of my cow-orkers have set foot on a bus since grade school.

Random Tunage:
The Postal Service - District Sleeps Alone Tonight
Kevin Saunderson - Powerbass

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