Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Changed things a bit

Adult on-set ADD. I'm sure I have it. Warren's sure he has it, too. Maybe it's not that uncommon. Whatever the case, my incessant quest for a better way to do things has reared its ugly head once again. My profile on the right has a very condensed version of my personal motto. If something is broken, I can almost always fix it. If something works, I can usually make it faster, better, or easier to use... or I can always break it!

So, my adult on-set ADD led me to strip the road bike of its rack and throw the panniers, rack and all onto the Sorrento. Since ice can mean both very rough riding or fallovers, I decided to keep my laptop and gadgets in the backpack, while using the panniers for my clothing, bike tools and whatnot.

There's a little bit of heel-strike with my usual foot position, but since the MTB has platforms, I just scooted my feet forward a bit. I'll have to deal with that issue later. Also, you can see that I got some reflectivity for my bacpack. They're actually LED-illuminated, but alone they're quite reflective as well. In fact, sometimes after I get home at night, I think they're still on because of how the light hits them.

Anyways, it's nice to have a (relatively) light backpack again. We'll see if I keep this configuration around for long, or if it gets on my nerves.

Random Tunage:
Deep Blue Something - Breakfast At Tiffany's
Crystal Method - Busy Child


Sirrus Rider said...

Ahh! It's coming before long you succumb to front-rack-lust-itis to get the extra stuff off your back.. Trust me it's not far away.. ;D

Noah said...

On ice, I don't think I'd trust my laptop to panniers at all. The laptop would have fit in the panniers just fine this morning, but I chose to wear it on my back. My bike COULD potentially fall over onto my laptop. I don't think I've ever fallen off my bike and landed on my back. Maybe if I was trying to climb a really steep grade.

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