Friday, December 21, 2007

Beautiful ride tonight

The view as I leave my office

With temperatures squarely in the low 50's this afternoon, I decided to put a few extra miles on and rode down to Union Station -- one of the last stops in KCMO before heading back out to the suburbs.

I took pictures aplenty. I'll just rifle them off here. There's not much to say about the ride, other than it was very pleasant. Enjoy the scenery. I sure did!

Descending 10th street

Truman Rd. and Main St.

Train yard between the Freight House and Union Station, featuring the shortest commuter train ever (probably headed toward St. Louis)

Loading the train

The Freight House shops

2345 Grand, The Hyatt (with Skies revolving restaurant on top) and the Assurant Building

Reflection of the Olde Western Auto building through the Union Station windows.

Liberty WWI Memorial

The name of this one escapes me, and it's pissing me off. It's right on the tip of my tongue, too.

A Metro Area Express bus. MAX. Soooo Cheesy.

One of the ubiquitous parking structures found in KCMO.

Christmas stuff, and water fountains. WTF?

More fountains, and a kid considering playing in them. More WTF?

KC Skyline through the front window of a grimy bus


sallymander said...

Your forgotten hotel is the Westin Crown Center with Benton's Restaurant on top, named for KC artist Thomas Hart Benton. You should consider having your anniversary or Valentine's dinner there. It really is excellent.

Noah said...

Gah! How'd I forget THAT?! *Embarassed*

Thanks :)

Frogman said...

All that an no actual pic of the front of Union Station? ;) The Amtrak loading platform is a somewhat rare photo though.

Noah said...

Oddly enough, I wasn't headed out that way, and didn't have time to go out there. I'd probably have to go halfway up to Liberty Memorial to get Union Station in all its glory, but it would look cool with the KC skyline as a backdrop. I'm surprised no one's done that yet. Oh, never mind. ;)

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