Friday, November 02, 2007

Took the bus this morning

150 miles in 4 days. I know, it sounds kind of wimpy (at least given my stats from July), but it's all I had in me. Last night, my legs were pretty torn up. I'd already decided to take the bus this morning before I went to bed. This morning, the ol' leggies were down-right sore.

Last night's ride wasn't bad. In fact, the weather was beautiful with the exception of some headwind. I was getting worn out pretty quick on the home stretch, though.

I have my monthly meeting at the Maul tonight, so I'm not sure how I'm getting home. I need to go home before the Maul anyways, so if I'm feeling up to it, I might ride the whole way, but I'll probably just wimp out and take the express bus again. Who knows?

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