Thursday, November 29, 2007

Parts & Crafts - Festive Bike

I actually did this before I made my Holiday Wheeth last night. I just didn't post about it until now. When I added lights to Hybridzilla last year, it was a crowd pleaser. I was initially going to wait until December 1st to pull this out, but I did it last night instead. The lights I used last year were incandescent bulbs that would leech a set of 4 AA batteries dry in mere hours. Also, the battery cases were frail and subject to taking on moisture. Those lights met their untimely demise in only a few days.

These lights are of similar quality, however the bulbs are LEDs and will go for days on a set of batteries. To combat the issue of the battery holders' subpar semblance, I strapped the holders together with a rubber band, bagged them in plastic, and I'm suspending them under the seat from my Serfas seat bag. Usually, this holds a spare inner tube, levers, and patches. Those fit fine in my backpack for the time being.

The LEDs are much brighter than the incandescents I had last year. I really hope these stay functional through December. This weekend, I may move them over to my MTB.

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