Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Operation: Turkey Schlep

I got off the bus at 67th street today, which is a road that I'm only vaguely familiar with. Tasked with getting a turky breast on my way home, I had to get to 87th and Lackman. 67th is a street that's good for getting from one side of I-35 to the other, and aside from the killer hill from Nieman to Carter that I coast down in the morning, that's about all I knew about 67th. That same hill is a murderous death slog of doom and despair if you must go westbound, something that I avoid at all costs most of the time.

Well, as it turns out, that slog is just the tip of the iceberg. Oh, yes. The further west you go, the more evil the rollers get. There were two separate occasions where my puny mountain bike, thanks to gravity, surpassed 40 miles per hour as I tucked down low and let it roll. On the up-swing? More like 8 miles per hour.

The grocery store was completely packed without a parking spot in sight. There should be no surprise there, as the doomsday ticker is counting down the minutes to Thanksgiving by now. I saw a lady vulturing the parking lot for a good spot as I wiggled my way through the congested jungle of steel and tarmac. I leashed my steed to a masonary pillar, sauntered in, and was met with great opposition at the butcher. You see, everyone in Lenexa had decided to pick up a turkey today. The store was selling Turkeys on a reservation-only list. They were already sold out, pretty much.

No, I just wanted a turkey breast. My parents have a whole smoked turkey, but we're bringing some non-smoked to go with it. Fortunately, not all of the turkey tits were spoken for. As I paid for my prized chunk of avian flesh and tucked it away, I saw the same lady, still circling the parking lot, waiting for someone to leave. I unlocked my bike and set out for home. Total distance this evening was a little more than 8 miles, but they were some hard miles.

The forecast calls for snow late in the day tomorrow, with possible rain overnight. Oh Joy.

Random Tunage:
Blank & Jones - Desire (Accuface Remix)
Tumor - Come To Daddy


Anonymous said...

GREAT Turkey day story,i rode in shorts and windbreaker today 71 degrees!,and still broke a sweat!,i have made a pleadge for tomorrow, one plate and then a 3-5 mile ride and walk,then GO COWBOYS!HAVE A GREAT THANKSGIVING!

Anonymous said...

I got a precooked turkey breast at Honeybaked Hams about 2 PM today....great place to go as they have an assembly line operation and the bird is all ready to go...breast part only, about 2.5 lbs.

I also went down to Acme today; I'm looking at getting a Surly LHT for some touring next year. I may try to do BRAN (ride across NEB), BAK again and/or the Katy Trail...decisions decisions!!

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