Friday, August 17, 2007

Fun little jaunt

Well, that was a fun little jaunt to the mall this morning. My resting heart rate was below 50 this morning, a departure from the usual 51-53 range. My body is recovered but my mind and my legs are a little tattered from the riding and the heat. I'm glad I didn't ride all the way in today.

I got to the mall pretty early, so I rode a few circles in the parking lot, then decided to to a full lap on the mall's outer drive, which added almost a mile to the morning's festivities. When I got back to the bus stop, Lorin was there waiting for the bus with his bike and cars were beginning to pull up.

I grabbed my usual Mocha, even though I didn't need to cool down. The Outlook ran so smooth this morning. It's amazing what a psychological difference comes with a bike that's not creaking, grinding and clunking.

Random Tunage:
Hybrid Featuring Peter Hook (from Joy Division/New Order) - True to form
Prodigy - Breathe

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You might see it eventually anyway, but:

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