Monday, August 27, 2007

Commuting, Errands, Recreation, etc...

Let's see, over lunch I had to run some errands. I started with a trip to the HR office to pick up the bus pass that I may or may not get my money's worth for next month. I had to deposit a check at the bank, and waved to my boss's boss on the way there. She was heading out to lunch. After I hit the bank, it was time for some grub myself. I made a quick stop by a nearby chinese joint and snarfed down some cheap, mediocre-yet-satisfying pseudo-asian grindage.

I cheated and took the A bus most of the way home. I swung by the grocery store really quick, then grabbed some supper en route. I chilled at home for a bit, then it was off to the Trek Store ride. I drove there, unfortunately. I had some stuff to do that required driving afterwards. All in all, not a bad night and I still got about 30 miles in for the day.

Since I'm going on c'Dude's Wednesday Dark Side Ride, I asked my boss for a vacation day Thursday. To my astonishment, he granted approval for it. I'm going to be BEAT on Thursday morning. It looks like it could be anywhere from 80-100 miles if weather cooperates. Only 30-40 of that will be the c'dude ride, but between Wednesday's commute and then riding to and from the ride location, there's going to be at least 50 miles added to that. Maybe more.

Anyhow, that's a wrap. I'm about to retire for the night, I think.

Random Tunage:
Cake - Never There
Tillman Uhrmacher & Peter Ries - Bassfly

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