Tuesday, August 28, 2007

404: Smooth Pavement Not Found

Really, it's out of control. It looks like they finally laid fresh asphalt on Central, but the construction elsewhere is just too much.

Anyhow, heat index was closing in on 100 degrees. Tomorrow's low is supposed to be in the mid 60's. Talk about a temperature swing! Rest assured, I'm packing appropriate gear for tomorrow night's ride. I'm trying something a little different than I did on last month's night ride, including a possibly stupid move of down-grading to a 5W halogen bulb that's helmet-mounted and running it for the whole trip WITH the supplementary LED setup. I'm also ditching the panniers but going to a handlebar bag just to keep my cellphone, windbreaker and full-finger gloves handy in case of rain or worse.

I caught a short nap with my wife this evening, but tomorrow is still going to be a LOOOONG night. The plan is:

Round-trip commute to/from work (~29 miles)
Ride to the start point (~16)
Ride with the 'dude (~33)
Ride to JCCC to kick it with my wife until she gets done with her shift (~15)

By my calculations, that's about 93 miles, which is the most I've ever ridden in a 24-hour period by far. Of course, c'dude's last ride was about 37 miles and that was the most I've ever ridden all in one go of things, so I've got a ways to go before I'm ready to just jump head-first into a century ride. I'm confident that I could do a metric, though.

Random Tunage:
Gravity Kills - Guilty
Stabbing Westward - Save yourself

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