Monday, July 09, 2007

Zealous, not stupid: Redux

Hail, lightning, rain, and an aluminum frame do not go well together, so I am taking the D bus (the D stands for Dreaded!) back to Lenexa, as it will drop me off right near my apartment. It looks like the storm should be a quick one, but it'll be intense while it lasts. If it clears up before 6:30 I'll try to make up some miles by hitting the Trek Store ride tonight. I'll likely be riding the trusty Sorrento, though.

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MRMacrum said...

Stranded, with no choice.

I used to haul my daughter down to a local lake to swim in a Burley trailer. We would play in the water for a few hours and then pedal home. One afternoon a huge thunderhead appeared on the horizon. Knowing that being the water was not a good idea, I got her out and quickly into the trailer to try and beat the storm home. We did not make it. It caught us with about a mile to go. All of a sudden, a crack and everything went white in front of my eyes. My hair stood on end and I quickly stopped. I could smell the ozone and turned to look at my 3 year old daughter. Her eyes were as big as saucers. I then looked around to see if I could find where the lightening set down. Directly across the road a transformer on a pole was smoking, the pole was splintered and looking shaky. I had never been that close to a strike before. I was appropriately impressed. All of a sudden those wimpy little rubber tires did not look so reassuring. We skedaddled home as quickly as possible while the storm raised Hell around us. I will never forget my child's face.

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