Monday, July 30, 2007

"You'd never expect to see a laptop in there..."

The above is the quote I got as the bus was on final approach. The 50-year-old (I'm guessing) lady next to me thought it odd that someone would ride a bicycle to the bus but still have the means for what appeared to be a brand new laptop.

I explained to her that I ride downtown all the way most days, which I guess she interpreted to mean "I don't have a driver's license" because she started talking about some guy she heard on the radio that got a DUI and has been riding everywhere for a year and a half and has been losing the pounds like they're going out of style.

Then I had to explain to her that I have a car that I love, and that my license is intact, but I can't justify $10 per day in fuel and parking expenses, and that riding my bike is plain and simple a fun and healthy way to travel.

I guess it's this secret, un-written rule: In order to have a MacBook on the bus, you must drive the 2 miles to the bus stop in your Lexus RX450 or Ferrari 360 Modena. I know, who would have guessed? Oh wait, CBB nailed it last week.

It was quite funny, however, to have this lady next to me, full of pity for my horrible situation. Forced to ride a bicycle to the bus just to make a living downtown. Probably as a grease jockey for one of those fast food joints. Poor, poor kid can't catch a break.

All the while, I'm full of pity for her horrible situation. Brainwashed by society -- worsened by living in the most affluent part of our region, Johnson County. Poor, poor lady may never understand the joys of bicycling for transportation.

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martinoffroad said...

Good thing you didn't tell her that you ride your bike on the street instead of the sidewalk, she would have thought you were suicidal also.

amidnightrider said...

When I ride to the gym I always cut through the lot of a small waterfront bar. It's one of those that have regulars. There is always two bicycles there and I know the smokers outside consider me one of thier band of brothers.

Next time you see that woman on the bus, ask her if she can spare a dollar for a cup of coffee.

Apertome said...

It's funny the assumptions people will make. It's also funny that for that guy, losing his license because of a DUI probably resulted in a net improvement in his quality of life.

I agree that it's too bad that lady may never appreciate the joys of bicycle transportation, but I don't know that she really needs pity. She may have a very different lifestyle from us, but I'm sure it works for her.

Anonymous said...

Great story that made this, non-car owning Californian smile.

I'll be adding you to the blogroll, 4thwith.

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