Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Took the new route home

I used Mark Thomas' suggestion for a way to get home while avoiding some of the more capricious roadways in Merriam and Lenexa. Aside from being hot and humid -- which I don't mind so much going home -- it was a nice ride. The new route took me onto Turkey Creek trail for a few miles south of Merriam Lane, and then through a bunch of suburban industrial areas and business parks, which had very little in the way of auto traffic. This allowed me to slow it down a bit.

Of course, the whole northern part of my commute was the same old crap. I got out a little bit later than usual today, so the impetuous rush-hour motorists on Southwest Boulevard were as antsy as they come.

I got confused a few times and had to turn around, so it added about half a mile to my commute from what it would have been had I followed the correct route the first time. I'll probably try it again tomorrow. It adds some pretty good climbs to my route home, but I think the trade-off of being able to ride in the shade on the trail, and ride without traffic for the rest of the alternate route is a worthwhile compromise.

1 comment:

Dan said...

I'll bet with a commute as long as yours, you have a lot of options for the route.

The only way I can modify my route is to go a different direction than home.

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