Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Nice ride in

It's a little warmer and a little stickier outside this morning than it was yesterday, but I felt really fast. Before I started the slog into the downtown loop, I was averaging 18.1 MPH over the first 11 miles or so of my trip. Overall, I'm at about 17 MPH average after the climb into the heart of downtown, which is still pretty quick for me.

Today's a short day. The stock market closes early, which means that my employer's services are not going to be required for the whole business day as usual. We're being released at 1:00 today, and the company is issuing 4 hours of holiday pay to most employees. Instead of making it to work by 7:00 or so, I'm just going to kick it here at Starbucks and get to work at 8:00.

While I was waiting in line for my mocha, I saw another bicycle pull up and park alongside mine (shown above). It's Lorin, who is another bike/bus commuter that gets on the bus at Oak Park Mall, where I've started riding to on the days that I ride the bus. I've shared the bike rack with his bike a few times

I left at about 5:45 this morning and got downtown at about 6:35 with a rolling time of 46 minutes.

In what seems like just a few hours, I'll be homeward :)


Anonymous said...

I've read most of your entries. Great stuff. Have you lost more weight since first starting, and if so, how much (belt loops, etc.)?

I am planning on bike commuting once I get into my new home this month. My main factor is to save on gas and lose weight (I don't have a goal to save the world by lowering my carbon count).

Noah said...

I've lost more than 30 pounds since September 2006. I know that's not a whole lot, but I haven't changed ANYTHING other than the amount of physical activity I'm doing. It's the "burn more than you eat" diet.

I don't often wear a belt, but I've lost 3-5 inches of waistline. I'm not back into my 30- or 32-inch pants from my high school days, but my 40-inch pants WILL fall off.

I'm bike commuting because it's fun and it's saving me money. I was doing it to lose weight, but I found that it was tedious to focus on my weight.

Riding for fun and profit, I'm still losing weight. The difference is that now I don't EXPECT myself to be a certain weight, so when I do find myself lighter, it's a pleasant side effect. I put weight-loss up there with saving the environment and relieving traffic congestion. Nice side effects, but they're not why I do it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply. I rode a couple years ago almost religiously and lost about 30 lbs (after work). The wife got pregnant, and I did too. (Though I luckily did not gain all of that weight back).

Have a good 4th.

Apertome said...

That sounds like a really enjoyable ride. I was glad I got to ride to work today after driving yesterday due to my flat tire. I'm looking forward to the ride home even more. You've got me thinking: I could really go for a mocha!

I hope you have a great holiday.

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