Monday, July 16, 2007

Last night and this morning

Last night was my wife's first time on a bicycle since probably her early or mid teens. Her hiatus from bicycling has been formidably longer than mine was prior to getting started again back in September 2006.

You know what they say about riding a bicycle? Well, it's definitely true. We pulled up to Turkey Creek Trail at about 8:30 as the sun and temperatures were falling. We took the trail a little past Merriam Lane before deciding to turn around -- partially because she wanted to make sure she had enough energy to make it back, and partially because the trail would be getting pitch black as the dim, light-polluted sky filters through the canopy of tree cover. We put 3.6 miles on last night, which I think is a heck of a good run for someone who hasn't ridden more than just test rides on a bicycle in a decade and a half.

We got her bike fine-tuned along the way, and she learned how to read the hills and shift accordingly with ease. She had it going pretty good. I'm proud!

The commuter convoy this morning was the usual 3-person echelon. We took a little different route this morning, going through the Skate World parking lot in hopes of picking up someone else along the way. No dice yet. People will come around, though.


Tim O said... the Townie, good choice and kudos to the spousal unit for getting out on the trails and enjoying herself!

I had quite a weekend - a little 10 mile ride Friday, 52 with the Commuter Dude krewe on Saturday down to Louisburg, then 50 on the Northland Delight....

Where's the Delight, is what I was asking!! They said they took some of the hills out, WHERE?!?!?!? I averaged 14.8 mph but there was very little flat riding up in Liberty!

Nice views of Smithville Lake, so that helped make up for it.

Oh and I broke off the valve stem on my front tube 15 mins before leaving.....did a record time tube change and it held up :)

Apertome said...

Nice-looking bike! Sarah and I just went for a ride last night (one of few we've done) and she did well, too. I haven't blogged about that yet, but she has. I'll post some photos soon. Hopefully she and I can ride again soon. Like you, we rode about 4 miles together.

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