Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It never gets easier...

...you just get faster. -- Greg Lemond

I'm living that right now. Of course, my average speed isn't really up that much, but I'm starting to not lose it on the hills as much as I have been in recent weeks. It could be that it's early in the week and that I've been getting almost enough sleep lately. Whatever it is, I'm able to maintain speeds on uphills a little better, and stay in higher gears. It certainly doesn't FEEL any easier, but the speedometer isn't lying. I'm going a little faster. I'll know later this week if it's a progressive thing or just a fluke.

Not much exciting stuff this evening. I rode to lunch, and ran some errands on my way home. Will this be the week I actually make 5 full round trips totally by bike?!

Random Tunage:
Hybrid - Sinequanon
Real McCoy - Another Night

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey man, awesome quote. Skimming through all of this, I'm actually getting excited about getting up to College to commute. Dare I say...go a month without a car? I'll try!

Well, I guess I may have to take the car to autocrosses, but other than that, I'm good!

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