Sunday, July 15, 2007

I'm back from the Lenexa Midnight Ride

Well, that was a blast!

I'm kind of glad I took the mountain bike. I got to the registration table pretty early, about 10:00. I got my rider number, my t-shirt and my inspection pass right off the bat. What I didn't know is that I was directly behind Warren's sons. Warren was, himself, in front of them. So our numbers were sequential. How strange is that?

After getting my bike inspected by the safety crew, I swung by the Mix93.3 van to pick up some free stuff. I don't listen to the station a whole lot, but hey, free stuff is good. One of the Mix underlings was taking pictures of people kickin' it with radio personality, Kelly Urich. I got mine taken, too. He's actually got a pretty sweet Cannondale R800.

I spent about an hour and a half riding around the parking area and blocked-off streets, waiting for the ride to begin. About 25 minutes before midnight, someone said "There's Noah!" I turned around and that's when I ran into Warren's clan and found we had the sequential number thing going on. Just for my blog, I took a picture of Warren taking a picture of me for his own blog. Or was he taking a picture of me taking a picture of him for my blog for his own blog? I'll let you decide.

I was kind of surprised that a few other people knew who I was, or mentioned my blog. To all of you who said hi to me or who saw me out there: Hi, right back at ya :)

Most of the photos I took were blurred pretty bad, but the ones that made the cut can be found here.

The pancakes were tasty but I didn't eat enough to make it worth $6. I ended up going back out to grab Denny's for my wife and saw a whole bunch of midnight riders there (no, not that Midnight Rider) including Eric from my local PHP user's group.

Well, it's about quarter to 4 in the morning now. I need a nap.


amidnightrider said...

Awww shucks. I feel so important, because I got mentioned here and this comment,

"Leaving Cleveland was just as nice as entering Cleveland. We stopped at a grocery store and ate leftover meatballs for lunch. I called the campsite and we had 35 more miles to ride. We read all the new comments and John Sullivan emailed me the dirtiest joke he knew and that had us all groaning for awhile. HA!
in Team Northern Tier's journal.

Warren T said...

Good times. It WAS a blast. There are pictures up at - including this one of you, my buddy John, my 19 year-old son Peter and I

I put in another 17 miles today and decided that hills are not my friends this afternoon... That one was a killer -- twice! I'll get your picture up soon, and may steal one of your pictures of the caves. Riding through those caves was worth the whole fee.

Anonymous said...

Dood...great meeting you on the Lenexa Midnight Ride. Have to admit I'm a bit jealous that you get to commute to work everyday. When they all of the I435 stuff done, I think I may give it a go.
And yes...the numbers thing was WEIRD, huh?
I do have to wonder what was going through your head my mistakedly thinking I was Warren's kid---he's no more than 10 yrs older than a kick out of that one.

Noah said...

*sheepish grin*

My bad, John. Everyone looks 12 with a helmet on.

Yokota Fritz said...

Wow, it looks like a lot of bikes on that ride.

So what's up with that cave thing? What is that? How far did it go? Did you find Cheney back there in his secret office?

Noah said...

The caves are part of an elaborate subterranean mine system that Meritex converted to warehouse and office space. Actually, this post shows a mineshaft that I'm certain connect into the Meritex facility.

I'd say there was a mile or so of underground.

Warren T said...

I think we did something more along the line of ~2 miles underground. Fritz, there is close to 200 acres of storage and businesses 50 to 100 underground at this complex. Great for storage because it is naturally air conditioned.

My wife has done some lighting and sound at some parties held down there and, yes, the whole thing was awesome!

Noah said...

I suppose it could have been 2 miles or so underground. It didn't last long enough, that's for certain. As hot as I was from all that hill-slogging, I could have gone another 20 or 30 miles in those caves without giving the nippy clandestine habitat a second thought.

Noah said...

So, AMR, what was the joke? You can email it to me if you want. anything (at) focushacks dot com will get to me.

Or is it a different John Sullivan? If that's your real name, I already know two others that share your name, so my guess is that it's kind of common. You can still e-mail me the dirtiest joke you know, though.

Anonymous said...

That was our first experience on such a ride, and it was a blast. Sadly, we weren't in shape for those hills and nearly skipped out on the caves - that would have been a waste. I agree that the ride should have been longer through the caves, that was the best part.

-TG from DDRKC

Noah said...

Hey Brian! You were out there as well?! Awesome!

We could have had a PUG meeting as big as the one a few months ago with You, Eric and I. Haha!

See ya Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Yep, we're actually in the background of this pic ...

- TG from DDRKC

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