Monday, July 23, 2007

Heck of a ride, and my 13 seconds of fame

It was dry when I left from work. I have no clue what happened. Radar showed the recent trend of storms moving SOUTHWEST (What the heck?!) again. I figured I was in the clear.

When I got outside, it was muggy, overcast, but cooler than it was last week. I went for it.

Right about the time I got to the old Drive-In, I feel some moisture on my leg. It's really cold, so I figured it's condensation from my melting bottle of ice. Then I feel another drop on my leg a few seconds later. Then, it hits my helmet. It keeps this up for quite a while, probably to 69 highway, which is a few minutes away.

By the time I get to Lamar, it's starting to drizzle. When I get to Antioch (another 5 minutes down the road), I am in the midst of a rain shower. A cold, pleasant rain shower that is starting to get me very, very soggy. I blast down Merriam lane after Antioch, and it's like buckets just opened up. It felt really good and I knew I had warm clothes and a towel waiting for me at home. Had I not been sweating over the fact that my panniers could be slowly filling with water and drowning my MacBook, I would have turned it into a leisurely stroll.

Anyhow, I made it home okay. I got dried off and prepared the MTB for the Monday night ride. I wimped out and took it on the back of the Explorer. GRR @ ME! I'm such a loser sometimes, but I had other errands to run before coming home that wouldn't have been practical on bike, and my headlight was not going to last me, as I used it both directions today. Sorry, when it's raining, the headlight is on.

The Monday ride was nice. It kicked off a little late and we had some mechanicals early on. Nothing some elbow grease and spare tubes couldn't fix, though. All in all, I put in just about 40 miles today. Not too bad, I suppose.

I hear that KC Star is going to publish a letter to the editor that features my blog tomorrow morning. It was sent in by Philip that works at the Trek Store. I knew it was in the works for more than a week, but I didn't know who sent it in until I saw the text of the letter today, which had Philip's name on it. If I can find it, I'll have to pick up a copy and post a picture of the snippet. I think KC Star keeps some of their letters to the editor online too, so I might be able to link to it.

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